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Episode #179

ft. Water Fasting: The Benefits, The Detox, + My Healing Experience

Jordan has been on a water fast for the past 15 days, and now that she’s back she wants to share all of what she has learned during the experience. We use over 40% of our daily energy digesting and absorbing food, and this can be even higher for people with illness and digestive issues. But when you fast, your body can redirect that energy back into healing. In this episode, Jordan dives deep into the benefits of water fasting, the struggles associated with it, and how she sustained motivation to get through it all.

This is a very intimate and deep episode and we hope it helps inspire others who are living with chronic “incurable” illnesses to share that healing IS possible! Jordan received so many downloads during this time and is so happy to be able to share them here with you guys.

Thank you to our sponsor, HUM Nutrition! When Jordan was getting back onto her regular routine after her water fast, she used their supplements to help her get her strength back. You can use the code SOUL for 20% off of all HUM Nutrition products, and they’re shipping with no delays right now. Jordan loves their Daily Cleanse. If you’re not sure where to start, you can talk to a nutritionist on their website and figure out exactly what you should be taking.

We would also like to think Cured Nutrition for sponsoring this episode. They are completely natural, pure, and potent CBD products. Jordan loves their mint tincture to help her get to sleep and it really helps with relaxation, pain management, and inflammation. They also have a wonderful salve with shea butter and CBD that is incredible for pain relief. They bring only the highest quality products to market. You can use the code BLONDE for a discount on Cured Nutrition.