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Episode #180

ft. Joseph Sheehey: Deep Dive on CBD, Microdosing, Psychedelics, Overcoming Depression, Conscious Relationships, & Building Cured Nutrition CBD

Joseph Sheehey is the founder and CEO of CURED Nutrition, Jordan’s favorite CBD brand. He is an amazing person, a loving husband, a kind soul, and so knowledgeable on everything from CBD to psychedelics to adaptogens to nootropics and beyond.

It is perfect timing for a CBD deep dive episode, as we know many of us are needing this extra boost of calm right now. In the episode we dive deep into everything about life, from the pivot in his life that led to founding CURED Nutrition, to trusting in and advocating for nature, to the story of his relationship with his wife. While CURED is not sponsoring this episode, you can still use the code BLONDE for 15% off your order at

We know Joe’s story will inspire you and we want to hear all of your thoughts! Share with us on Instagram and tell us what your favorite part of the ep was!

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