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Episode #181

SOLO: Body Image, Confidence, Overcoming Disordered Eating, Diet Shaming Culture, & Radiating Health from the Inside Out

Many of us have had struggles with body image. It can be so difficult to balance finding confidence in the skin we’re in, loving our body, but also wanting to look or feel better to optimize our health from the inside out. There has been so much body shaming on social media and IRL aimed at people who want to lose weight, get stronger, or feel better through exercise and diet. We have shifted completely from body positivity to pushing back against health optimization. Jordan shares her personal journey with body image and her experience being the focus of this public shaming, as well as the process of getting her power back.

It is a candid episode that goes deep and also answers listener Q&A’s. It is PART ONE of a larger conversation on health, and next week we will release PART TWO! 

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