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Episode #212

ft. Jenna Zoe: Our Food Philosophies, Food Combining, Simple Plant-Based Healing, & Cultivating Inner Radiance

Get excited, because Jenna Zoe is BACK! She’s a world-leading expert in Human Design and one of Jordan’s very best friends. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about HD, but she has a deep intuitive understanding of what a person’s chart can tell them about their life. The permission you can gain from learning your HD can completely transform your life.

While Jenna is widely known for her HD expertise, today she is talking food, nourishment, diet and lifestyle. Jordan and Jenna have been on parallel healing journeys that resulted with them eating similar diets of simple, plant-based foods that are all about joy. They talk about their food philosophies, what brought them to eating the way that they do, how diet relates to spirituality, becoming clear channels, and beyond.

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