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Episode #309

My Best Friends Jenna Zoe & Krista Williams on Conscious Friendship & How to Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

Well this is certainly a special episode, and it’s a deep dive. This week on the show we have two of my best friends in the world Jenna Zoe & Krista Williams — who need no introduction! Not only have they both been on the show many times, but they both also have amazing platforms of their own. Jenna founded the MyHumanDesign app, website, podcast and beyond, and Krista is the co-host of Almost 30, Morning Microdose, the founder of The Life Edit & Making Tarot Modern.

They are both healers, teachers, authors, seekers, and beautiful souls inside and out. But most of all, they are incredible women who mean so much to my heart. We have all grown so much together over the last many years. In this conversation we discuss conscious friendships, how we all met, how to cultivate meaningful relationships, how to heal from codependency, how to avoid building resentment in friendships, navigating our 20’s and early 30’s, and beyond.

You can tune into both women on the show in these episodes to learn more about them, their businesses, philosophies, our friendship, and more:

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–   Krista on TBB: Episodes 83, 132, 265, 283 & 284

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