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Episode #310

Lacy Phillips of To Be Magnetic on Manifestation, Financial Freedom & Stepping Back from the Spotlight

We are so thrilled to have Lacy Phillips back on the show for round four!!! If you are familiar with Lacy’s work on To Be Magnetic, then you know that she is the manifestation guru. Her methods are centered on neuroscience, psychology, EMDR, epigenetics & energetics with a sprinkle of spirituality in there. Her method is based on raising your self-worth and stepping into your unique authenticity by reprogramming the subconscious limiting beliefs that you picked up during childhood and throughout your life.

Lacy is a very dear friend of mine, and this was a girl talk chit chat at the end of the day and one of my FAVORITE episodes to date… no exaggeration. We get into rock bottoms, motherhood, investments, Lacy’s tips for getting through a rough time, relationships, where I have been emotionally, and more. I cannot tell you how special this episode is to me, and cannot wait to hear all of your thoughts!

You can tune into Lacy on the show in these episodes to learn more about her and her manifestation process:

Episodes 66, 123 & 126!

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Lacy on IG To Be Magnetic My Website: Store: Instagram: @thebalancedblonde

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